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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  April 21, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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that's the news for this thursday night. thank you so much for watching. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. eyewitness news returns at 4:30 a.m. for all of us here, have a great night. and we'll see you tomorrow. it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, jordan peele &
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"everybody wants some," glen powell this week in unnecessary censorship and music cletones" and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] thank you for watching. >> jimmy: thank you for coming. we welcome -- i know a lot of you are visiting from out of town. any of you come via tunnel tonight because there's -- i don't know if you saw this in the news. in san diego they near the border of mexico, they federal
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800 yards long. which, imagine running a touch down the full length of the field eight times. thank god for football or i wouldn't have any sense of distance. they were using this tunnel to smuggle drugs. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's the longest cross border tunnel ever discovered. there were ventilation systems and lights and an elevator. it originated inside a home that went all the way and ended up in california and came back up right in snoop dogg's house. [ applause ] >> jimmy: it's a bummer for him. authorities seized two tons of cocaines and seven tons of marijuana. that means weekend two of coachella is going to suck. they arrested six people. i don't know if i'd arrest these guys.
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put the time and effort into digging a tunnel half a mile long, that's punishment enough. just fill it up and let you go. i'll tell you something. this would never happen if they let trump build that wall. wait, maybe it would. a tunnel. he'll figure it out. donald trump, by the way, said something untrumpy this morning. he was on the today show and matt lauer asked him about the transgender law, and whether caitlyn jenner would be welcome to use the bathroom at trump tower, and trump said she should be able to use whatever bathroom she wants. ted cruz believes that transgender people should hold it in. why is this even a thing? why does this have to be legislated? i mean, really, how many
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there'ven be in north carolina? five, maybe? eight tops, but trump, trump held a rally in maryland yesterday, and he's still riding high. he finally revealed who he voted for in tuesday's primary in new york. >> you know, i voted. when i voted yesterday, it was like such an honor. i'm saying i walk into the voting booth and they gave me a thing, and i saw staff, staff, trump. and i said oh, i'm going to vote. and i said i'm voting for myself for president of the united states. i mean, how cool is that? how cool is it? >> jimmy: i have a feeling he's been writing himself in for many years now. i wish they had a camera on him. [ applause ] >> jimmy: he must have been so happy. him in the booth, oh, there's my name, trump. i'll just mark that right in. i'm voting for me. well, today, by the way, is national high five day.
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it was founded in 2002 at the university of virginia. the guy who founded it used to work here, and i don't know what happened to him, but he showed up tonight i guess to run a victory lap. the high five goes back farther than that. derek smith claimed he came up with the high five while he was playing for the university of louisville in 1979. that seems wrong because i'm pretty sure jesus gave high fives after the loaves and fishes thing. i know it's a little bit awkward, but i do use the high five regularly. it's how i end all my love making sessions. are any of you excited for the new jason born matt damon movie that's coming up? [ applause ] >> jimmy: i want them out. i guess we can't throw everyone out, but the new trailer for the
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today. this. trailer. it does look pretty entertaining, i have to admit. >> jason bjorn had no friends. he was always crashing parties ununviet ununvieted and his co-workers despised him. whenever they had a party, they hoped he wouldn't come. but they were hacked. they tried to keep him away, but jason wouldn't take the hint. >> you're never going to find it. you have to admit to yourself who you really are, a loser. >> bourne loser. [ applause ] >> jimmy: that looks like a good one. here's a little trivia. every time matt damon fired a gun in the shooting of that movie, he paid a little.
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san francisco, this is from the giants game on monday night. a giants fan got himself ejected for fielding a ball that was still in play. >> this is lifted the left. is this a bang? it is. it's going to spin into the bull pen. and -- oh, no. too bad. look. is that his date? i'm not with him. well, they know the deal. >> i'm not with him. i'm just going to go. see you later. yep. >> oh, you hate to see it, too. >> she put her hood up. >> they're good giants fans. >> they are. no you know what? it's too bad. >> jimmy: that was quite a scenario. a lot of people were speculating that the woman covered her face because they weren't supposed to
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that there was some kind of shady behavior, but we tracked the couple down and joining us now on our big screen, the wall of america, please say hello to travis and christy. hello, travis and christy. >> hi. >> hey. >> jimmy: how did you get such good seats? >> stub hub. >> jimmy: how much did you pay for the seats? >> i think they were about $110 a pop. >> jimmy: do you get any money back for the innings that you missed? >> oh, no. they don't do that. >> jimmy: they don't care about that. did you know that fans get ejected if they touch the ball while it's in play? >> i do. and actually, they came down and mentioned if you touch the ball you're gone, and i kind of laughed it off. >> jimmy: before you interfered with the ball. you did not intentionally interfere with the ball though, right? >> i thought it was foul. i did. i saw four other people going
11:44 pm
if anyone is getting this ball, it's going to be mee. >> jimmy: after you caught the ball how quickly did you realize that it was a fair ball and you weren't supposed to touch it? >> it took a second. but i think as you can see from my expression, i found out pretty quick. >> jimmy: christy, did you know it was a fair ball when it was coming because you didn't really move? >> i wasn't sure, but i definitely wasn't going to take the chance and i didn't think he was going to go for it, and he did, and he came up and i don't think he had the ball. there it was. >> jimmy: why did you cover your head? >> i was just embarrassed. i knew instantly it was going to be on tv. i knew the cameras were right on us. >> jimmy: that's not standing by your man. people online thought the reason you did that is because maybe you guys were there illicitly in
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engaged to be married, right, to each other? >> yeah, to each other. >> jimmy: and after this the wedding is still on, i assume? >> yes. we laughed the whole time. people were like don't be so hard on him and i'm like we laughed about it minutes after it happened. >> as soon as we were at the gate we were laughing. >> jimmy: i'm wondering about i've never been kicked out of a game. what happens? do they escort you all the way to your car or where do they drop you off when they make you leave the stadium? >> they caught me at the top of the stairs. there were three of them standing there. i was already trying to go to the gate. i knew what was going on. and i felt like public enemy number one. i wanted to get the hell out of there. and they were stopping me like stay here. and i'm like i know what's up. >> we just want to go. >> let me go. >> jimmy: and they made you give the ball back? >> he snagged that from me as soon as i got up from the seat, and i never even had a chance with that.
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family see this happening live on television? >> yes. my sister called me as we were walking out of the stadium. blowing me up with text messages. >> minute ys, and our phones were blowing up. >> jimmy: we contacted the giants, and they don't want you back at the stadium ever again, but we did, you know who hit that ball that you unfortunately grabbed hold of? >> yes. it was brandon crawford. >> jimmy: he signed a couple of balls for you guys. we're going to send them to you. >> oh, my gosh. >> jimmy: when we come back, we'll talk about it's queen elizabeth's birthday and we'll name people's babies.
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>> jimmy: tonight on the show we have music from m83, glen powell is here, and we'll be right back prince passed away today. cleto and the guys are going to play some of his music today. even the cable news gave donald trump a rest and paid attention to prince. while there were a number of emotional tributes, i think none of them were more heart felt than from this one with wolf blitzer. >> it was only beginning to set in that prince is dead, that he's not going to be around. and he's been so active over all
11:52 pm
sound tracks were major motion pictures. all of us remember purple haze and what that did for the world of music. >> well, some of us remember it better than others, i guess. still eulogizing jimi hendrix. birthday wishes in order for queen elizabeth. 90 years old today. it's not a surprise. life expectancy is a lot longer when your only job is waving at people. there's the queen with some of the members of her motorcycle gang cutting the cut with no candles. i guess it must be undig if ied for the queen to blow things in public or it's too dangerous to light that many candles with a hat like that. i can't tell where the cake stops and the hat starts. [ applause ]
11:53 pm
subject of birthdays. i made an offer last night, i volunteered to name people's babies for them. there are companies charging up to 30$,000 to do this, but i, i'll do it for free. i'm happy to do it. i just need to see the baby and it's really all i need. i instructed our baby to post a picture of their newborn baby with the hash tackg "jimmy kimmel name my baby". we got a lot of responses. it's time now. go through them and i'll name them. this one. let's go with allen. that baby is allen. derek. that will be a derek. grandpa. [ laughter ] >> julia louis dreyfus. i don't know if it's a boy or a girl. let's go with cindy. either way that should work.
11:54 pm
that's got to be a donald trump. this is -- let's say stedman. okay. squishy. pillow top. look at him. chester. let's say chester. oh. i'm going to go with mitch for this kid. this is buster, i think it's a girl but buster anyway. goopy. that's goopy. kalesy. bity. and, okay, so this one we're going to name john. i'll tell you why. i immediately noticed this kid looks just like john legend, right? baby john legend.
11:55 pm
i assume i'll be named god father of these children now. it's thursday night. it's time to bleep and blur the tv moments of the week. it is this week in "unnecessary censorship." >> new yorkers, you've always, you've always [ bleep ] my [ bleep ]. >> one of the qualities that i've always admired about ted really since the day we met is how incredibly [ bleep ] blp he is. >> she said she has the [ bleep ] of a 16-year-old. >> i just want to [ bleep ] everybody here. i want to [ bleep ] my family. >> this is going to be a big [ bleep ] [ bleep ] party in here. >> good clipper defense. some of it was probably [ bleep ] selection by the [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ] shots by the trail blazers. >> we'll heal the sick, [ bleep ] the poor. >> i just measured our [ bleep ]. >> wait a minute.
11:56 pm
discipline to figure out how to [ bleep ] a lot of [ bleep ]. >> if anybody put me in that position, i'd [ bleep ] his ass. >> i don't always take a [ bleep ] every day on my days off. >> i want to go out and get drunk and [ bleep ] around on saturday night. >> let's play [ bleep ] a dine sore. dinosaur. >> cool. >> jimmy: tonight on the show we have music from m83, glen powell is here, and we'll be right back with jordan peele & keegan-michael key.
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refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a revitalizing iced tea from dunkin' donuts. sip in a refreshing iced tea, iced green tea, or iced tea lemonade today. america runs on dunkin'. >> jimmy: tonight - from the new movie "everybody wants some" - glen powell is here. then his new album is called "junk," m83 from the samsung stage. next week we have yet another all-star lineup with john stamos, kate hudson, johnny knoxville,
12:02 am
from "fear the walking dead" mercedes mason, and we will have music from iggy pop, james bay, john mellencamp, robert randolph and nick jonas featuring tove lo it has been seven long months since our first guests ended award winning show. they're together again with a kitten and a do rag in the new movie that opens in theaters one week from tomorrow. please say hello to jordan peele and keegan-michael key. [ applause ] >> nice.
12:03 am
>> good. it's good. [ applause ] >> what's going on? >> jimmy: it's nice, right? we don't get to see you guys much. >> i'm grabbing kisses. we didn't throw them, but there's just kisses in the universe. don't be desperate, audience. >> jimmy: i think i speak for the audience. we're happy to see you together. we never knew when the show ended what was going to happen. >> this is different from last time. >> jimmy: last time it was a little bit different. >> we came out and people were like. [ clapping ] i saw one of those guys on a show. >> jimmy: when you finished the show, it was great from beginning to end. you kept the consistency up. you should be very proud of that show. did you get emotional with each other after -- during the last show? >> we did. the last day of taping there were a lot of tears.
12:04 am
>> jimmy: who had more tears? >> i'm a really emotional guy, but he was straight up niagra falls that night. like a baby. on the ground. >> my voice got a little shaky. my shaky voice. >> he was wrapped up in the fetal position on the ground. he soiled himself. there were tears. >> that happened after we were done shooting. >> that's right. okay. >> no. it was very -- you know, the craziest thing about it is you work on a show and you work on making the show appeal to as many people as possible and to answer the critics and to turn people into fans. but i realized in that last moment it's like man, we've had people who have been there with us since the beginning. >> since day one. thank you. >> which is awesome. >> jimmy: and together, and then you turn around and it is kind of funny, because when i did a show on comedy central with my
12:05 am
everyone was crying on the show except for adam, and then it was weird. the next day we just all saw each other again. you guys did that with this movie really. how much time was between the finale and starting to work on this thing? >> almost nothing. >> i might have been two and a half weeks. [ laughter ] >> and then we called each other every day inbetween too. there was no issue at all. >> there was no reason to be upset. >> man, have you gotten any work yet? >> no. me either. we got to start this movie. it's got to be a hit. it's got to be a hit. >> jimmy: it is going to be a hit. it's very funny. i enjoyed it. are the characters at all based on yourselves personally? >> they're pretty much, the character herbs, clarence and rell are their names. it's us times five.
12:06 am
>> we're nerdy guys, film geeks. i'm an intense guy that's been broken up with his girlfriend. that's not real. >> that's not real. >> jimmy: as far as you know. >> so far. >> and i play a guy who is like a corporate team builder and a real go-getter kind of guy, church going fellow with a wife and daughter trying to make a go of it every day. >> jimmy: i don't want to ruin anything in the film, but i feel like maybe the trailers -- what about your affection for george michael in the film? is that based in truth? >> it is absolutely based in truth. i'm going to say it right here. i don't care what anybody thinks. say it. this is a big moment. >> i adore george michael. george michael is my favorite recording artist of all time, and he should be yours as well. there. there's the tears. i'm kidding. >> jimmy: and we're glad he said yes.
12:07 am
>> it was like hey, george, it's a pleasure. i'm like -- >> yes. >> jimmy: he answered quickly? fast. do. >> he has a good sense of humor. >> jimmy: i can't wait for him to see the movie. is he invited to the premier? >> oh, gosh. >> jimmy: you forgot. >> what's weird is we invited ridgely, the other guy. that's a young audience. nobody knew what we were talking about. that is a young audience. all the people that laughed went, ha ha, i'm over 40. >> there's some over 40s that don't know him. >> jimmy: you guys have method man. that's an interesting character. he's been here a bunch of times, and he's not like you would imagine him to be, is he? >> no.
12:08 am
i'm the guy who is like up in my dorm room lip syncing method man songs and then he comes in to do the movie. he's a professional actor, but he's kind of a geek. he'd be the first one to tell you, i'm into dragon ball z and stuff like that. so it's crazy. i mean, he's like -- because we're obviously geeks. and it's just crazy that there's somebody with similar tastes to us that did their careers so much better than we did. you know what i mean? >> and it's so legitimately hard. you're not expecting to hear things like the last star fighter, it was garbage. you know what i mean? last star fighter? never ending story. >> jimmy: you guys are comedians. he was in woo tang clan. you were not? >> no, we were not. >> my for the i was, i think my
12:09 am
>> dumb face waiter? >> jimmy: you guys in this -- it's about a cat that escapes or falls into the hands of some unsavory gentleman. we're going to see a clip from
12:10 am
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>> seriously, what's going to happen before we get on the job. it's time to get each other a little bit better. we'll roll in a circle and say your name and two things about yourself. for instance, my name is shark tank, and i ran hurdles in high school. and i like to hold my gun like this. that's me. >> um, i'm tech tonic. i shot two dudes with one bullet and went to an exclusive early screening of "the blair pitch project" >> jimmy: jordan peele & keegan-michael key! "keanu," "keanu" opens in theaters a week from tomorrow.
12:16 am
love after a break up that falls into hands of gangsters. >> method man is the leader of the man. we have to pretend to be hard ourselves and infiltrate the gang. >> jimmy: and you're not hard. >> we're as soft as they come. >> jimmy: where did you shoot it? >> in new orleans. in the house. >> what was that? [ speaking french ] >> he knows. new orleans is an amazing town. >> it's a place full of history, and one thing we did as a big group activity is we went on a ghost tour. and i've been there before. i got the same guy to do the ghost tours. a real colorful guy, johnnathan. >> he's a little goth and kind of a pirate. his swagger is like come to me, very like, come to me, like if
12:17 am
probably scream, but you don't want to know nothing about that. >> sorry, as a matter of fact i do, because i paid you $48. i do want to know about that. if you don't mind. [ applause ] >> very intense guy. at one point he's telling a story and he's like you can tell he's trying to be cool but he's into his thing and telling his story and he's like 1949 a midwife heard a scream up on the second floor. i saw a shape walking by there. and then all of a sudden this woman starting -- >> a woman is on the other side of the street. >> i saw a shape. >> hi, my name is vanessa and now we're going to start the vampire tour. it's something you're all familiar with, brad pit. >> we'll just wait it out. >> anyway, i feel that these vampires are really. you know. >> he's trying to find his opening. >> did anyone on the tour
12:18 am
>> yes. method man. >> oh measure writemy goodness. >> remember, there was -- >> it was funny. also the thing was we thought we were going to bring method man to this tour, and he would be like no, man, whatever man. i don't care about all this stuff. whatever. the hoecu s pocus. i got blunts to smoke. >> and then you get to the end of the tour, and jonathan is like. >> that's the story of the ghosts. >> but something i wanted to say for real was at one point in name my aunt passed away, and then one time i was looking in the mirror and this thing, it was coming up behind me right at the moment she had died. >> and he's just in it. >> and jonathan is engaging him like that's going to be a night hag. >> a night hag. all right. i had felt like someone had
12:19 am
i felt like a pressure. there was like a pressure on my heart, right? i mean, i know that was weird. i knew that was weird, man. >> jimmy: jordan peele & keegan-michael key! "keanu," "keanu" opens in theaters a week from tomorrow. we'll be right back with glen powell. new schick hydro versus the lube strip. with a hydrating gel reservoir
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>> jimmy: our next guest is a 27 year-old actor with almost 40 film and television credits to his name. you can see him co-star as a college baseball player named finnegan in the new richard linklater movie "everybody wants some," it's in theaters now, please welcome glen powell. [ applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm doing great, man. atlanta? >> a few hours ago. i got here from --
12:25 am
were you working? you're from texas originally, night? >> i'm from texas. [ applause ] >> my parents are in from texas as well. >> jimmy: hi there, mom and dad. how are you doing? [ applause ] >> jimmy: so you parents, they met you here or you're following you around the country? >> they were in atlanta with me. the movie i'm shooting right now called "hidden figures". my mom has a lot of credits to her name. >> jimmy: she's been in movies with you? >> she's probably been in every movie i've ever done. >> jimmy: what? [ applause ] >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: i don't know. >> by the way, she feels like she's the main guest right now. she's very excited. >> jimmy: she might be. you get her in the movies and on the show.
12:26 am
well, that's something else. >> she's played pioneer woman, professor, an astronaut, a drunk atm user. she was actually in "expendables". she was with me shooting that movie and mel gibson, we were shooting and he took his shirt off when we were telling jokes by the trailer, and my mom made a noise i've never heard in my life. he took his shirt and she goes, oh. i'm sorry my dad has to hear about this. >> jimmy: wow. wouldn't that be a weird step dad to have? >> probably a darker version of my dad. i love mel, but i'm glad i got the dad i got. >> jimmy: that is very nice you have your family with you. are they annoying or -- i mean, tell them now if they are. are they cramping your style? >> this is not an intervention. i know you're big on pranks.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: on pulling them? >> she scared mel gibson with a cockroach. she put one in a bread bowl and scared the crap out of mel gibson. when i was a sophomore in high school i had a favorite pair of underwear, you know, you have your favorite pants. >> jimmy: your one good pair of underwear? i've been there. >> it's like no other pair fits. it makes you walk better. and my mom, it has this rip down the side and my mom was like glen, change your underwear. i was going to north carolina. i was like no, this is my favorite pair of underwear. she goes change it. i'm like i'm not. i got on this plane, and i didn't know she knew the air traffic controlman. she calls the air traffic controlman. i'm boarding, i sit down and they go passenger glen powell, can you raise your hand please, and i said, they go your mom called and said to change your underwear.
12:28 am
>> jimmy: that's a good one. well done. >> yeah. you guys would be a good match. >> jimmy: maybe i can bump mel out of the picture. you know? learn from your instagram that you are the owner of a monkey? >> he's more like a family member. yeah. >> jimmy: what kind of monkey? >> he's a kkapuchin monkey. my great grandfather and my grandfather both had monkeys. we have a weird family, and so we, when my grandfather passed we got a monkey in his honor. >> jimmy: was his name charlie? >> his name was bill. that seemed like a weird, too soon. >> jimmy: why did you name the monkey charlie. >> there was that youtube video, charlie bit me.
12:29 am
when he was young, he was a bit of an a-hole. he wasn't a friendly monkey. now we've warmed up to each brother. >> jimmy: let's show your video. this is what it's like to own a monkey. >> what does the fox say? [ monkey screeching ] impersonations. all right. [ applause ] >> jimmy: wow. >> everybody in the family is trying to get in the entertainment business. i'm giving everybody jobs. >> jimmy: richard linklater who is a great director. you're in this with him. >> i did a movie with rick when i was probably 15. actually, i broke my arm two weeks before i started shooting the movie, "fast food nation". i broke my arm playing pick up
12:30 am
rick and be like, yo, i broke my arm. please don't fire me. i had this big pink cast. he goes, dude, everybody in high school had a cast. there was always a guy on crutches or a guy with a cast. use it. let's make that our thing, and he kept me in the movie, and here i am ten years later working with him. >> jimmy: that makes sense. you never see somebody with a cast unless it's part of a bit. there's always a guy in a cast. you were cast in a cast. and what is this movie about in i've heard nothing but great things about this film. >> it's about a basketball team in 19 80. it takes place d it's a spiritual sequel to dazed and confused. it takes place three days before college starts. it's the most fun movie you'll ever see. it's two hours of just party. it's great. >> jimmy: 1908, do you have the whole 1980 look and the music and -- >> i got the mustache and the long hair and the shorts. my mom says the shorts are so
12:31 am
you are. a little dark, but yeah, it's good. >> jimmy: mom is quite a character over there. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you may have to stick around a while. well, thanks for coming. thanks to your parents were coming as well. >> jimmy: glen powell! "everybody wants some' is in theaters now. and when we return music from m83. >> announcer: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by samsung. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key
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most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase.
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>> announcer: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank key & peele, glen powell and apologize to matt damon we ran out of time. "nightline" is next but first, his album is called "junk" here with the song "do it, try it," m83! do it try it do it try it do it try it
12:34 am
listen to the sound of a new tomorrow take over my dreams walk into the feeling a dance on repeat a trance on a hard beat a dance on repeat a trance on a hard beat do it try it do it try it do it
12:35 am
like a shout in the night moving at the tempo of a broken song a dance on repeat a trance on a hard beat a dance on repeat a trance on a hard beat listen to the sound of a broken heart
12:36 am
of love heal me up try it do it back me down try it do it turn me on try it do it and i'm alone do it a dance on repeat a trance on a hard beat a dance on repeat a trance on a hard beat heal me up back me down turn me on i'm alone
12:37 am
turn me on i'm alone try it all do it try it do it try it this is a special edition of "nightline." prince, death of a legend. >> tonight the fairrewell to rock


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